• K-SHAC Activity for October 2019:

    Trunk or Treat was a success!  The kids loved the "duck-in-the-hole" game.  No one missed the candy!  They loved the cute little toys so much that a few kids came back at least 10 times! :D  Thanks StuCo for organizing such a great event.  Can't wait to make it bigger and better next year!

2020-2021 Officers

  • President


KSHAC president working trunk or treat



  • What is K-SHAC?

    K-SHAC stands for Knights Student Health Advisory Committee.

    What is K-SHAC's mission?

    Most of us (Infinity Students) stay up late doing homework, assignments, etc.  We put our blood, sweat, and tears into having the perfect grades.  People say hard work pays off, but does it really?  The majority of the students suffer from stress because of studying.  Yes, we made a sacrifice to be here at Infinity, but that sacrifice should not be our health.  KSHAC is here for you.  KSHAC cares about your health and your well being.  What is KSHAC you may be wondering?  Well, KSHAC is a club that promotes health, for example, stress relief, physical activity, and nutrition!! We provide health information and opportunities to de-stress through activities/games.  KSHAC is here to help us learn healthy habits and enjoy our time here at Infinity.  WE SHOULD THRIVE - NOT JUST SURVIVE!!!

    What do K-SHAC members do?

    This will depend on what students decide are the most important health issues for the IECHS student body.

    Possible activities:

    • Gather data about student health concerns at IECHS
    • Help plan school wide events that promote health & wellness
    • Educate fellow students about basic health information
    • Develop leadership and professional skills

    When does K-SHAC meet?

    Activity 2 time (afternoons on Fridays we are in school)

kid and parents enjoying trunk or treat
Trunk or Treat 2019 picture
Infinity students enjoying trunk or treat
  • 2019 - 2020 Initiative

    De-Stress for Success!

    Studies show that people with hobbies are less stressed so come learn a new hobby or have fun working on a current hobby with friends!  We will provide the materials or you can bring your own.  🃏 🎲 🧩 🎨 🖌️ 🖼️ 🖍️ 🧵 

    Tue/Wed from 7:30 - 8:26a