Procedures for Secondary After-Hours Social Events

  • General Information
    These procedures will apply to any function after school that is projected to have 50 or more students in attendance. These procedures will not apply to athletic, fine arts, or other events such as open houses or orientations. If the event is held off campus and/or out of district (prom for example), a site-specific plan will be created.

    Protocols for Events

    • Campuses will use a system (such as an e-ticket system) that creates a roster of attendees at the event.
    • Students are required to have a school-issued ID badge to enter. 
    • All student attendees will be screened by staff with hand-held metal detecting wands upon entering the event.
    • Only small wristlet or clutch size purses will be allowed into the event.
    • Once a student leaves the event there is no re-entry.
    • Plans for drop off and pick up, as well as emergency protocols, will be emailed to students and parents prior to the day of the event.
    • New Caney ISD administration reserves the right to deny entry to any student or guest (if applicable) to the event.
    • All attendees will follow all New Caney ISD and campus rules and guidelines, or they will be removed from the event and may not be allowed to attend future events.
    • Law enforcement will be present at all events in which 50 or more students are anticipated to attend. The presence of law enforcement relative to student attendance will increase for events with higher levels of anticipated student attendance.