• New Caney ISD believes that attendance is a key factor in student achievement.  Thus, any absence from school represents an education loss to the student.  Senate Bills 427 and 1112 address the number of days a student must attend school each year.  All students, pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, must adhere to compulsory attendance laws.

    If your child is absent, campuses are to contact the parent or guardian in order to maintain accurate attendance records.  You may contact the attendance clerk of your child’s school to notify them of any absence.  A parent or doctor’s note will be required when a child returns to school.  An individual commits an offense if the individual fails to attend school on ten (10) or more days or parts of days within a six (6) month period or on three (3) or more days or parts of days within a four (4) week period. 
    An attendance committee, required by law, will meet periodically during the school year to review any excessive absences or tardies accumulated by a student.  Parents will be notified and should attend the attendance committee meeting.  The committee will review the student’s attendance record and determine whether the absences are due to circumstances acceptable to the committee under the law.  The attendance committee may refer a student to the New Caney ISD Police Department.
    The New Caney ISD administration sincerely hopes that attendance does not become an issue for any student or parent.  We encourage your child to be in attendance each day they are physically able.  Your support in this matter is appreciated.