Safe Firearm Storage

  • Texas law now requires school districts to distribute information to parents and guardians about the safe storage of firearms. The attached information will help you learn about options for, as well as how to talk to your child and others about, the safe storage of firearms. 

    It is unlawful to store, transport, or abandon an unsecured firearm in a place where children are likely to be and can obtain access to the firearm. Under Texas Penal Code 46.13, a person commits the offense of making a firearm accessible to a child if the child gains access to a readily dischargeable firearm, and the person with criminal negligence:

    • Failed to secure the firearm; or
    • Left the firearm in a place to which the person knew or should have known the child would gain access

    The penalty for allowing a child access to a firearm can range from a Class C misdemeanor (punishable by a $500 fine) to a Class A misdemeanor (punishable by a $4000 fine, a year in jail, or a combination of the two). 

    Texas exempts the purchase of firearm safety equipment from Texas Sales and Use Tax.

    You can learn more and find additional resources from the Texas Department of Public Safety at

Safe Gun Storage