Vendor Application Packet

  • The Vendor Application Packet provides the District with the required paperwork to build the vendor in the ERP system.

    If you are not currently on the district's approved bidded vendors list and you provide a commodity that must be bid, it is necessary to respond to a bid offered by NCISD or one of the cooperative groups of which the district is a member. For a list of our cooperative purchasing alliances and a link to their websites, please refer to the link "COOP Purchasing" on the left.

    If you are a vendor already on a cooperative that NCISD participates with please work with the campus/department secretary on obtaining the correct vendor application packet to complete, and return to the requested end-user for internal process procedures to be completed. 

    The "E" on the vendor application packets stands for "Edgar". 

    Any vendor completing the V3E application packet will require a background check completed by the Purchasing Department. The background check will require the vendor to have fingerprints on file with DPS previously or a fingerprinting appointment will need to be scheduled with IdentoGo and completed before services are rendered. 


    Please choose the Vendor Application Packet that best suits the capacity in which the vendor will be utilized for in the District.