Advanced Placement

  • Advanced Placement (AP) gives students the chance to engage in college-level work while still in high school and earn college credit by scoring a 3 or better on an AP examination. College Board develops the scope and sequence of the AP courses and provides training for teachers. The examination for each course is a national standard used by colleges to grant college credits to those students who earn a qualifying score. Most colleges and universities consider students who take AP courses to be better prepared for the rigor of college courses, since courses designated as “AP” are college-level courses. Students should expect course subject matter and workload at a college level. Students enrolled in an AP course are expected to take the corresponding College Board exam in May. There is a $25.00 exam fee for each AP course in which a student is enrolled up to a maximum of $100 for any single student. Students should visit College Board AP to create an account and access AP resources.