Scrabble Club

  •  Scrabble Club Information

    Dear Parents,

    We are excited to announce the start of the VRE Scrabble Club! This club will consist of 4th and 5th graders who love playing games and want to expand their vocabulary. Students will get a chance to compete with partners against classmates while learning spelling and math strategies. Students will also have an opportunity to compete against other Scrabble clubs in the area.

    Scrabble meetings will be held on Tuesday afternoons from 3:00-4:00 in Mrs. K. Gutierrez’s room. Transportation will NOT be provided by the school and parents must arrive promptly at 4:00 to pick up students on the side of the school by the cafeteria. Students must have, and maintain passing grades and good conduct, or they will no longer be able to participate. If you receive an office referral, you will forfeit your spot in Scrabble Club. Due to limited space, if students miss more than two meetings, their space may be forfeited to another student.

    Students will need to bring a brad folder to be used for Scrabble to the first club meeting. This folder will hold handouts throughout the year as mini-lessons on rules and strategies are taught. The folder will stay in Mrs. Gutierrez’s class for students to use in every meeting.

    Students will be picked up by the large parking lot side of the school. Not in the front of the building. Thank you. We look forward to an exciting year!

    Mrs. K. Gutierrez
    281-577-8760 EXT. 3944

    Mrs. Briones
    281-577-8760 EXT 3939